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ABCO PJ013 ABCO 20 Tonne Threaded Rod Ram Commercial Pit Ja

ABCO PJ013 ABCO 20 Tonne Threaded Rod Ram Commercial Pit Ja


ABCO 20 Tonne Threaded Rod Ram Commercial Pit Jack 


The Pit Jack is operated via an air over hydraulic pump. The air operation offers an efficient solution lifting large vehicles with minimum effort. Fitted with a robust, high output air pump coupled with a simple push button control, this ABCO Pit Jack offers rapid advance. Retract is by means of a return spring within the ram. 

Also included are a 5m coiled air line to supply air to pump and a 2.5m coiled air line with a blow gun to help keep the Pit Jack free from debris and oil/water spillage.


The lifting cylinders have a maximum lift of 300mm and can be moved laterally along the length of the Pit Jack for accurate positioning.The cylinders are fitted with an isolation valve to allow idependent operation and a hose burst valve for added safety. The PJ013 Pit Jack also benefits from ACME threaded rods and locking rings to eliminate the chance of accidental lowering. With the vehicle lifted to working height, the locking collar should be wound down to the base plate to securely lock the rams into position.


The Pit Jack frame is manufactured from quality steels and can be supplied to suit any width pit. Standard frame sizes are available to cover the pit widths from 750mm to 1375mm, however should you require a frame for a pit outside our standard range a frame will be fabricated to suit.


Parallel rollers are supplied as standard for use on flat railed pits. Tapered rollers can also be supplied to suit angled railed pits. All rollers are fitted with needle bearings for easy movement along the pit.

Adaptor Kit

Each beam is supplied with a range of quick fitting lifting adaptors and extensions which cover all normal workshop requirements such as jacking axles, diffs chassis etc. An adaptor kit rack is supplied with every Abco Pit Jack along with operating/parts manuals and a certificate of test and conformity.



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