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Manual hydraulic double acting power pack – Proven on other Majorlift equipment, this allows units of up to 1000kg to be removed with a smooth, safe and highly controllable application of power.


A pit version of the Vertical Transmission Jack. Wheels are situated at each corner of a rectangular base rather than diagonally. This gives increased stability when running along a pit floor and is suitable for pits of 800mm minimum width.


  • Load test certificate – supplied with each unit.
  • CE markings – conform to EC directives.
  • Capacity 1000kg.
  • Full specification available on request.
  • Return & Refund Policy

  • Shipping Info

    Shipping will take up to 5-6 weeks due to the lead times from our equipment suppliers. If we are able to get your items to you sooner we will inform you ASAP.

    Flat shipping fee £65 + VAT for UK mainland deliveries.

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